Tuesday, December 18, 2018

B2.2 University employees (18.12.18) / FINAL TEST ON 20/12 at 8.00-10.00 in M-133

Today we checked the home assignments (WB p. 78-79) and then practiced reading for the final test (http://www.tlu.ee/~kivihall/B2.2 (18.12.18).pdf) and listening, too.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

B2.2 University employees (13.12.18)

Today we discussed what time meant for us. Moreover,we had two language structure tasks on the topic (http://www.tlu.ee/~kivihall/B2.2 (13.12.18).pdf). Then we checked homework (WB p. 77) and practiced the use of articles, determiners and demonstratives (SB p. 104 ex. 2, 3 and 4). HW: WB p. 78 ex. 2.1, 2.2, 3; p. 79 ex. 4.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

B2+ conversation (12.12.18)

Today we had the whole lesson dedicated to given names. At first we heard about the given names in Estonia in general (statistical approach) and then followed by a case study of one particular first name. No homework for the next lesson as it is the last one (with coffee and cake :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

B2.2 University employees (11.12.18)

Today we talked about our sleeping habits, as well as moonwalking. Then we checked the home assignments (WB p. 75 and SB p. 101). We also started with Unit 12. We completed TEST YOUR GRAMMAR on p. 102 in SB, did the quiz on pages 102 and 103 and discussed the grammar aspects in ex. 4, 5 and LANGUAGE FOCUS on p. 103. HW: WB p. 77 ex. 1.1 and 1.2 + an extra language structure task which can be found here (http://www.tlu.ee/~kivihall/B2.2 (11.12.18).pdf)

Friday, December 7, 2018

B2+ conversation (6.12.18)

Today our discussions revolved around the difference between dreams and plans; why people dreamt; whether dreaming changed with age; what kind of people were more prone to dreaming etc. We also heard what dreams course participants had had. HW: language structure task "Secretaries" (http://www.tlu.ee/~kivihall/B2+ conversation (6.12.18).pdf)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

B2.2 University employees (6.12.18)

Today we started by discussing if we had any things we had wondered about in life. Then we checked the home assignment tasks on the same topic and had an extra language structure task (http://www.tlu.ee/~kivihall/B2.2 (6.12.18).pdf). We then discussed our dreams - how often we dream, if we remember our dreams in the morning, if we have recurrent dreams, sleepwalking etc. The extra tasks we had can be found in the link above. HW: Complete the reading task on sleepwalking (the link above) + SB p. 101 ex. 1; WB p. 75 ex. 8,9.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

B2+ conversation (4.12.18)

Today Anna made a presentation on geocaching - a modern version of treasure hunt. We then discussed the text "Don't Just Dream It..." and discussed what kind of people are more prone to take the risk and pursue their dreams. HW: comment on the quotation "I do not have dreams but plans" (M.Karusoo)